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Jacob misunderstands when Bella says she is over Edward and oversteps his boundaries. Exes, blonde British boys, broody jade eye'd chefs and threatening letters are just some of the things in store for her summer. Deciding to move out of the apartment she shared with Rae, Chloe wanted a relaxing place to live in for the rest of her sophomore year of college.

R/R :3A baby Bella meet Jasper , he is instantly hers whether he likes it or not, as time goes by there bond grows stronger and stronger .They tended to become a headache rather quickly in her experience...And that had been her intention this morning as well….(Based on headcanon by kryptonian-hot-head on Tumblr.) TAKES PLACE AFTER "ALPHA MALE"If you break out of the hospital after heart surgery, you need your best friend covering your back. Hamish Watson Holmes Johnlock Parentlock slight Mystrade if you squint, look sideway, whilst wearing slash goggles Bella's life is boring nothing but going to collage and living in Seattle and working part time at the bookstore a couple days a week. And it helps when your employer is a living Adonis. She's remembering the first time she and Robin got REAL CLOSE together. This summary sucks but the story will be WAYY better. This new teacher with her glasses and pigtails was just the same. Who knows, but I thought it would be fun to write about some of them. The lowest his life has ever gotten, Embry experiences something that he never thought he would get a chance to. She stood still, her skin flushed as she continued to worry her lip. It's about her and Paul having a child with a little bump in the road along the way. R&R please : PBella is unaware of how much her decision to move to Forks with her Dad is going to change her life. But don't worry about Bella, she'll have her protector with her from her very first moments in Washington. Chloe's in constant danger being a politician's daughter, but when a new threat wants Chloe for her new-found powers, only fellow supernaturals can protect her. Throw in an attempted murder, a horror film, a box of chocolates, and an invasion of personal space, and you get one hell of a night between a being of light, and a creature of darkness.She decided to do something fun and while reading the paper one day she comes across an ad that peeks her interest. AURobbie hasn't ever really paid much attention to Dipper's sister, until one day he runs into her at the Mystery Shack (literally). AUBella is a vampire and has two siblings by blood. She and her coven ask the Cullens for help, but little do they know, the Cullens will be VERY helpful. Now Simon, Tori, and Derek must keep Chloe safe, and they will... Okay,very long oneshot on my take on what would happen the day after P&F the movie.

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How will people handle knowing who their true love is before they really "know" who their true love is? She was kicked out of her school in Phoenix because of monsters. Pearlnet PWP One Shot Set After "Alone Together" Garnet takes a step closer, and this time she doesn't move back, fingers twitching and absently gripping for a skirt to worry between her hands, but that's been gone for a long time now. (Alternate Ending) Whose body did Petals-Open-To-The-Moon inhabit? How will he deal seeing Wanda inside his ex-girlfriend's body? High school: a hormone-filled, drama-packed, stressful four years.