Dating godly men

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I think it is a cry for help we women are sounding to herald the need for flaming revival in the hearts and minds of our men.” Men, let me talk to you for a second here: let’s take Melody’s words to heart.The depth of God’s work in our souls is demonstrated by the level of compassion, concern and care we have for our wives and their pain.Many men never connect their spiritual conversion with how they relate to their wives.“For the most part men do not experience a conversion, transformation, a renewing of the mind, in their relationship to Jesus and the Holy Spirit that changes the way they see their wives and themselves in relationship to their wives.Can you encourage him to get involved in a circle of men who will challenge him?

You’re thinking, “How can I get my husband to be more sensitive? Your call for him to sacrifice simply because something he is doing hurts you is like asking a soldier to fire a weapon he doesn’t possess.

Many wives live with great frustration because they keep telling their husbands that something he is doing (or not doing) is causing them great pain, but the husband never changes. She thinks, “If I knew I was doing something that was really hurting him, I’d stop it as soon as I found out. For change to occur, he has to feel his own discomfort.

Melody Rhode (a gifted marriage and family therapist), is “functional fixedness.” This phrase describes a man who will never be motivated by his wife’s pain; he’s only motivated by his pain.

Melody continues, “If what he’s doing is working for him, why change?

He needs a compelling reason to change and it needs to be more compelling than your unhappiness or private misery with the situation.” A God-fearing man be motivated to change simply by understanding that his actions or inactions hurt you.

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